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Sugababes Bikini Asses From Behind of the Day

Yeah, I know, posting this garbage band in their bikinis is pretty fucking weak, but in my defense, it’s winter vacation and you should be off your computer and seducing tourists or other people on your resort, you shouldn’t be here judgin my weak Euro content.

They are in Barbados, they are in bikinis, one of them has a serious fat ass, I guess she’s doin’ the “Rihanna” , which for those of you who don’t know, is wearing a bikini in Barbados despite your fat ass.

I don’t even know who they are, but they are in bikinis and that is good enough for me….cuz I’m a pervert….and here are the pics….

Pics via INF

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  • Drunken Pig

    You sir,are a degenerate pervert.That’s why I love this site!!

  • dr.dre


  • Expletive(BMP)

    thank you for the fat ass bikinis from barbados, no doubt they’re on some resort far away from the public, they do the same thing here in nassau, whenever a piece of ass arrive they’d stay over on paradise island seemingly number one resort; atlantis, where we can’t get at them since, it’s hard for bahamian niggers to get on the atlantis beaches without raising an alarm, which makes no fucking sense since this is my fucking country and by law you own the building but not the beach, but the government and racist saul kerzner says otherwise so fuck them all to hell.

  • JayRo

    You weak ass negros in Barbados sold your island for some dirt and colored rocks to those devils, dont cry to us here in the states. I’m surprised the Jewish business owners haven’t enacted apartheid for to keep you dumb coons out. You jigaboo coons selling off property like your the American Indians.

    The resorts practically own the island, the trees, the animals, every variety of plant and life species on the island and half of your ancestors.

    Business 101, your sack of shit and death prime minister should had invested in the country and built some damn resorts and a local market so that the revenue would come back to a local business owner who could spend it on the Barbadian local infrastructure. You have offshore accounts with billions of dollars in you’re banks and you can extort any of those businessmen who are trying to evade taxes here.

    Tell that Island Uncle Tom prime minister of yours to stop selling the island for some colored rocks and a free pair of socks.

  • Expletive(BMP)

    ^^^^^We’re quickly heading that way unfortunately; most fucking idiots in government in either party plp or fucking fnm are all one in the same. So many young people slightly older than i or more younger has thought up brilliant schemes and plots to make the country potential millions and billions independent of foreign whats it with credible power potential— is repeatedly ignored. unfortunately we (and by we i mean fucking them [the dumb fucks who vote]) continually fall into the snare of better the ones you know than the wild eyed you don’t know so sixty and seventy plus old farts stand about taking shits for eight months and the other four they’re busy receiving sexual favors, fuck em all to hell.

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