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Brooke Hogan’s Official Music Video of the Day

I know you’ve all be excited for the fat version of Paris Hilton to release the new video of her new single called Falling and it’s about falling for a guy, falling in love, and she rocks her flat ass and broad shoulders out in a bikini while some weird lookin’ black or white guy that I guess she found at some orphanage because he looks like the kind of guy who’s parents would leave him on the fuckin’ doorstep after seeing his crooked face raps over her shit.

Now I may not be a music producer, but I don’t know how anyone can listen this and think “Shit, that’s a wrap, we’ve got gold” because everything from the beat to the lyrics to the fuckin singing to the rapping to the fuckin video is a piece of fuckin’ shit and I can only assume it was her birthday gift from her dad, because otherwise I have no faith in America.

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  • robert

    I think that guy who’s (c)rapping is her boyfriend. which makes even sadder!

  • GOOPaltrow

    garbage x infinity squared

  • sontag

    omg that’s the worst shit I’ve ever saw!!! she looks like her dad…brrrrr and can’t even sing. This is absolut NO TALENT video. Pure shit…

  • TheBadger

    Who do you think wears the pants in that relationship?? Brooke’s gotta outweigh the guy by 50-75lbs. The dude’s gotta be the bitch in that pair.

  • ugh

    The song isn’t bad but that video is terrible. It sounds like someone else is singing.

  • nunya

    who the fuck keeps financing this shit?

    Yep she’s a dude…look at her man hands!

  • nunya

    her bf looks like a closeted homo…im pretty sure she rams his ass with her chyna clit everynight!

  • Ass Implants

    She needs me… badly.

  • Bob Smith

    Worst boob job I’ve seen this week.

    Of course, “her” penis is a big turnoff too.

  • mandashell

    HA ha I hear worse shit on the radio on a daily basis. This song is just simple pop and b. The video is really low quality but the song is above average. Yeah I also hear worse singing voices on the radio on a daily basis. LOL! 0.o

  • hammer it

    I’d fuck th eliving hell out of her. And I’d fuck all of the idiotic blonde skanks out there today. See Paris Hilton, Heidi Montag, Ashley Tisdale, etc. I wager most of you men would do the same. And brag about it all week.

  • dre

    to the origanl poster – then shut your fucking face cuz i am a music producer and in the past have not been able to stand brooke hogan or her failed lame attempt to be in the bussiness… but this track in no way shape or form is garbage..lol the video is stupid and cheezy but there are far worse tracks being played in the top 100 right now.. congrats on finally making somthing halfway decent after wasting millions of daddys dollars trying to do what we do wit 100 -dirrtydre-

  • HornyDevil

    I am almost impressed. The song sucked way less than I thought it would. Its at about the same level as the other crappy pop music being made. I think she has some sort of lisp though.
    I second the fact that she is the man in that relationship though. I bet she dominates him in the bedroom, probably puts him in the Figure 4 leglock and makes him tap out. But who am I kidding, I would let her dominate me any day.

  • nunya

    lol we have a “music producer” around, let me fluff my boxers!