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Hottest Sandra Bullock Picture of the Day

It’s no secret that I can’t stand Sandra Bullock because I know she’s been marketed as this All-American Sweetheart because of movies she was cast in, blurring the lines of reality for the average American, but the reality of the shit is that she was married to some Nazi motherfucker who fucks gutter trash and whether he goes to sex rehab or not, there is no way Sandra Bullock wasn’t aware of the shit, involved in the shit and I really don’t believe that Sandra Bullock and Jesse James marriage was nothing but a lie for publicity. Nothing in Hollywood is real, but what is real is how bitch is hididng in some garment bag like she was just in a mob hit or a victim of some serial killer being transported to the bridge to be thrown in the river and I think that’s her best look yet, not because I’m a psycho into dead celebrities, but I’m tired of people feelin’ for a bitch who’s had too much success in life who doesn’t deserve for anyone to feel for her especially when she was involved in the shit…cuz there’s no way this was all secret….it was just secret to the public…Stop being idiots people….I want this to end…cuz these people really aren’t important enough to talk about.

Pics via Fame

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Lindsay Lohan’s Hiding in Her Old Chick Shirt of the Day

Lohan is in hiding and I’m not sure why. It’s not like she has a career or image to protect. I can only assume this is straight from her ego and her vanity trying to hide something embarassing like maybe she’s got a cold sore from sucking dirty Hollywood dick or a rash or bad collagen lips….I just know her shirt “Old Chic(k)” is pretty fucking fitting…

Don’t get me wrong, I still love Lohan and every text message I send her that she ignores, but her cover-up is pretty fuckin’ weak…she might as well get someone to carry a neon sign behind her that says “Lohan is Drunk and has a Herpe sore on her lip she doesn’t want seen”…cuz it is that obvious….

Pics via PacificCoastNews

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Hayden Panettiere Hiding from the Paparazzi of the Day

Hayden Panettiere is trying to hide from the paparazzi because she is leaving a club and she isn’t 21. Boring. Who gives a fuck, I’ve been drinking consistently since I was 14, I was in bars at 16, at 20, I was drunk everyday, fucking random whores and it was a good fucking time, it’s not like this bitch is 12 and wrecking shit up.

That said, celebrity pussy just doesn’t have the same fucking appeal it used to have a few years ago when the starlets were a group of troubled souls everyone idolized on a rampage, doing drugs, taking full advantage of their position, and since those girls have slowly disappeared and people have lost interest, no one has taken their place, so instead of posting about Lohan all night sex parties, I’m stuck talking about a bitch leaving a clube a few months before her 21st birthday. Fuck yourself.

The only thing funny about this is how small Hayden looks in the arm of an asian and I know how small asians are making me realize just how big my little dick would look in her midget hand. It’d me like fucking a 7 year old and I know all you weirdos love that shit….

Pics Via PacificCoastNews

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Lindsay Lohan Hiding Pictures of the Day

Here are some of the hottest pictures of Lindsay Lohan that I’ve seen in a while, maybe it’s because I like girls who cover their faces up in shame, because girls who are proud of their slut behavior makes me nervous, but I like to think it’s got more to do with me knowing that she’s probably covering her face, trying to hide something, like from being totally wasted and wasted usually means she won’t be alert enough to realize she’s got some strangers dick inside her, but in Lohan’s case, that’s usually got more to do with having a numb pussy and not really anything to do with her level of sobriety.

BONUS – Here she is in Malibu lookin’ a little less fuckable, you know since passed out drunk chicks are way easier to stick your dick inside of than young starlets shopping during the day, at least that’s what I’ve always thought…


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Lindsay Lohan Hiding Her Face of the Day

If you’re wondering why sexy Lindsay Lohan is covering her face, it’s because she got a face tattoo like Mike Tyson did after he got out of prison, as a symbol to never forget, because in a lot of ways, she just escaped a prison of her own and that is a lesbian relationships, because they are hell, you know since girls are needy/emotional/crazy/get their periods/want to cuddle/love male attention that isn’t yours/always creating drama and issues because they are psychos who need dudes to control them to keep them in check like nature had originally planned for them, before they got all independent and weird and I blame the media for that.

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Rihanna Lookin’ Her Best of the Day

I like Rihanna, I think she’s got something hot about her, maybe it’s because she’s from the islands, acts slutty and laid back like a girl who likes to lie in bed all day and suck your dick, maybe it’s because Jay Z exploited her and didn’t pay her much making her never lose her chambermaid roots, maybe it’s cuz she’s a number 1 popstar but none of that matters, what does matter is that I have never seen Rihanna look as good as this. She’s on some Michael Jackson post plastic surgery kick, maybe she finally got that nose job she needs, and that makes me want to jerk off and use that scarf as a cum rag while Chris Brown dances around…

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Hayden Panettiere is Doing Us All a Favor and Hiding of the Day

I’d just like the thank Hayden Panettiere for doing us all a favor and covering that midget head of hers while leaving some event, probably wasted, because little people can’t stomach booze the same way you can, and Hollywood people don’t like the negative press they get for being drunken whores who hang out with crotch grabbing Lil Wayne motherfuckers.

I remember hanging out at my friend’s cottage with his 10 year old son because everyone had gone to bed and decided that I wasn’t going to drink alone, that shit is for alcoholics and convinced the little bastard to do some whiskey shots with me. It was funny for the first half hour, with him dancing around like an idiot and saying all kinds of crazy shit, before the fucker got alochol poisoning and ended up puking all over the place, waking up his parents and leading to me being kicked out of the house in the middle of fucking no where and losing a relatively good friend, but I assume no responsibility for it, because I am not the one who left me, a bottle of booze and a punk kid bored in the woods with nothing but drinking to do together.

That experience made me decide that I am good with kids and that I don’t actually hate them and I tried signing up to Big Brother’s of America but got refused when I told them the reason for joining was because my friends are old and tired and I am lookin’ to recruit an new little drinking buddy. Fucking Facists.

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Sienna Miller Hides from the Paparazzi of the Day

Seeing Sienna Miller hiding from the paparazzi because she doesn’t like the press she’s getting for being a homewrecking slut and is ashamed of herself for being a homewrecking slut, but not ashamed enough to pursue a married man by throwing her drunk desperate vagina at him when they were working together, reminds me a lot of my sex life. Not because it involves these Hollywood stories of passion, but because everytime I ever woke up with a hard on next to a girl I brought home with me after a night of hard drinking, who I’d wake up by trying to shove my dick inside her ass and my fingers inside her mouth would scream, jump out of bed, run to the corner of the room in the fetal postion while covering her face and shaking in fear, but all those games never stopped me, sure maybe it wasn’t role playing, but if I told myself at the time I’d have to come to terms with the fact that I actually raped them and I slept a lot easier thinking that it was just an act on their part.

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Hayden Panettiere is Hiding Her Pick-Up Truck of a Body of the Day

Image Removed due to Papparazzi

Hayden Panettiere is built like a large piece of machinery that you shouldn’t operate while on allergy medication, which is probably pretty shitty for her boyfriend she’s on set with who is probably always on allergy medication because he is clearly Jewish and like most jews suffers from asthma, allergies and is lactose intolerant, making thier sex pretty entertaining to watch with all that wheezing, mucus and diarhea.

Here she is covering up her box of a body and by default her box because she realizes that no one wants to see that shit, except for maybe an awkward Jewish guy with Asthma, allergies and who is lactose intollerant because he appreciates her pussy since it’s the only pussy he’s got because all the girls in highschool were more into the jocks than the school newspaper editor.

The sad news for you is that Hayden and her fridge of a body is hotter than anything you’ve stuck your dick in.

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Megan Fox Hiding at the Airport of the Day

Image Removed due to Papparazzi

Looks like Megan Fox just found out that we all know she’s been having sex with Brian Austin Green of 90210 fame and she’s embarrassed and hiding. I guess whenever your dirty little secrets get out, it takes a little while to get over it because you know that despite the friendly faces and smiles people give you, they actually think you’re some kind of deranged sexual deviant. Kinda like that time your mom walked in on you jerking off to gay porn or the time you got arrested for kidnapping that girl, undressing her and lockin’ her in your basement for 24 hours before letting her go but keeping her panties as a souvenir leading to your big debut on the local news and on the cover of the local paper making your family, friends and colleagues really fuckin’ proud to know you.

The truth is that sacrificing a hot pussy to such a lame motherfucker is even worse than any of those things as far as embarrassment goes. Shit proves to the world that you either have no standards, no self respect, or some kind of twisted sexual appetite that involves losers. In reality, his dick murdered her sex appeal and he should be the one arrested, but unfortunately she let it happen and for that – she’s summoned to this walk of shame.

The good news is that like the time you got caught by your mom doing inappropriate things people are supposed to do themselves, it will blow over, because time heals but you know that every time she looks at you, she still shudders in shame…because I guess somethings just aren’t so easy to forget no matter how much drugs, booze, or time goes by. Brian Austin Green is one of those things but I’d still stuff this bitch like a thanksgiving turkey, but that’s only because I don’t have shit on Brian Austin Green, he’s actually cooler than I am and that is one of the many reasons I’ve contemplated suicide.

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