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Avril Lavigne is Drunk and Dressed Like a 14 Year Old of the Day

There was a time where I’d find dressing my girlfriend like a 14 year old girl hot, you know in the school uniform, that she wore just a few years earlier, that she’d jump on my dick wearing and calling me her dirty teacher/pricipal/janitor/whatever she was vibing on, but that was before all 14 year old girls started dressing like fucking emo skateboard dudes, in stupid t-shirts and all over print hoodies, with lame tattoos and lip rings, and asymmetrical faggot haircuts, you know because dressing up your girl like one of those may make you a creepy fag into twinks, and not so into dressing your girl like your wholesome teenage fantasy.

So seeing Avril Lavigne, just reminds me of Halloween or Role Playing or other similar shit that is not as hot as either of those things, but at least she’s drunk, because it helps you visualize draggin’ her out of the club by her hair, you know holdin’ it down like a rapist.

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Avril Lavigne’s Dresses Like a 13 Year Old Cutter of the Day

I really can’t stand his emo teenage girl style. I find it too fucking put together, like some kind of bad high school production, it’s way too intense with way too many stars and skulls and variations of green and pink and black. I don’t understand how a girl can look at herself in the mirror and think that they look fucking awesome, but then again, they probably don’t, when they look in the mirror, they are usually crying, getting asymmetric haircuts, or cutting themselves because pain makes their dead souls alive. I get that 14 year old girls who are just getting their periods are hormonal and depressive and shit, but at 25 or whatever the fuck age Avril is, maybe it’s because she missed out on her youth, maybe it’s because she’s fucking lame and married, while lookin’ like a fuckin’ asshole. Speaking of asshole, I wonder where her husband’s hiding out.

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