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Tila Tequila Grocery Shopping in her Thong of the Day

I had an internal battle over these pictures because I hate Tila Tequila with a passion and I know she’s bottom feeding as hard as she can because MTV made her a star for a couple years and now, she’s done, like expired milk, no one wants anything to do with her, not even the homeless people and morons, cuz they know expired milk, although nutritious, causes serious shitting problems….but I run a site based on bitches being bottom feeding trash, so that she’s come to this is partially worth celebrating…

I saw her on Twitter last night announce she has anal sex, like people are supposed to get excited knowing that shit. I saw her do some stripshow 10,000 people watched. I saw her latch to the death of someone she barely knew, pretending they were engaged, and the whole thing was desperate, annoying, partially insane, and I really hoped it ended up in suicide, but instead it ended in this….

Her calling the paparazzi to watch her grocery shop in a thong. She’s holding on as hard as she can, but I’m glad her fake celebrity that never deserved to be a celebrity, and was just fake myspace friends, that MTV confused for relevance, finally comes crashing down….

She’s pulled every stunt she’s see in the tabloids, from sizing up melons, to reading STAR, to bending over cuz she “accidentally” dropped something, to wearing a see through dress. This is almost amazing….not for her but for everyone else…What it comes down to is that this cunt is almost scary, totally unstable, very pathetic and here are the pics…

Pics via Bauer

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