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New York Sex Tape of the Day

I don’t have a TV so I have no idea what this I Love New York bullshit is, but from what I know, it’s gotta do with some black chick. This clip is rumored to be her sex tape with some dude she met at a club who she was getting busy with and somehow this clip got released.

Since I don’t know who the bitch is, I can’t tell you if this is legit or not, and I guess it doesn’t really matter, what does matter is whether dude’s wearing a condom, because whoever this is, she looks dirty and I am not just saying that because she’s got dark skin and could have got that dark skin by rolling around in a mud puddle because that would be racist and I am not racist. I am saying it because you should always use a rubber with a girl you meet in a club because they are usually whores or something not too far off from being a whore…It’s not a race thing….That’s all.

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