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Jenna Jameson is a Model of the Day

The funny thing about low grade pornstars is that they can’t really afford the fake tits because despite fucking on camera for money, they don’t make the kind of money needed to invest. It’s too much of a stretch to support their low grade lives and addictions to put money aside for the big operation. So they try to make the extra cash for their tits by stripping but never quite make enough because as low grade girls no one really asks them for lap dances unless it’s for a joke on one of their buddies or because they are too drunk to notice how busted the low grade pornstars are. So the only way for them to get big titties is to spend their $5000 dollars on fried food, because at least that way they gets to eat and big tits at the same time. The only downfall is big titties from food mean a big ass to match, but when you’re low grade who really gives a fuck about you.

Jenna Jameson is a pornstar who could pull off buying the fake tits multiple times because she’s a dick sucking for money success story , and here she is trying to pull off being a model on the runway, something her haggard face is having a hard time doing, if only life was as simple as just putting 5000 dollars into tits and putting a dick in your mouth, then we wouldn’t all be forced to watch her half dead AIDS body fail as hard as your little penis gets for her as she tries to go mainstream.

At least we get to look at her nasty implant scars that she paid 5000 dollars for. Money well spent if you ask me. It’s like that time I paid someone to give me a black eye because I wanted to look tough for a chick, only more expensive and more permanent. These porn bitches really are living the life.

Either way, Jenna announced that she wasn’t going to spread her legs on camera anymore and based on these pics – that’s a good thing because she’s fucking disgusting and creepy.

BONUS – Jenna at the AVN awards with her INSANE Self-Absorbed Speech….

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