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Amy Winehouse is a Monster in a Bra of the Day

The thing that turns me on about Amy Winehouse is that she reminds me of some kind of droopy faced troll who has escaped from the Freak Show, ripped off her Freak Show shackles and Freak Show costume and is scavenging for food at some picnic spot scaring people into feeding the monster for fear of what she’s going to do to them. It’s like this bitch is so into what she’s doing that things like hygiene, clothes and fitting into the mold of society just doesn’t matter to her. She beats to her own drum and probably smells like fuckin’ death and nothing turns me on more than someone who just isn’t afraid to be herself.

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10 Responses

  1. Michelin says:

    She should be shot dead for being so ugly.

  2. BubbleBoy says:

    I see she’s auditioning for a part in Quest for Fire II. She does a great impression of an Oranguatan.

  3. Billdozer says:

    In that last picture, she is probably eating something that she found on the ground

  4. dusio22 says:

    I’d fuck her.

    But that’s not saying much.

  5. Purvis says:

    She makes me hot. You know she’d take it in any hole she has for a rock…

  6. understand says:

    she’s hot. BTW, did you guys see her profile on ‘Rich kiss. co m’? There’re more hot pics of her. She’s very popular there.

  7. Doc says:

    Can I sue Al Gore for having ugly people on the internet?

  8. jim lampen says:

    damn if my dog was that ugly id shave its ass and make it walk backwards

  9. boo says:

    what is that thing on her forehead,

  10. BBV4L obv says:

    You should try hitting her

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