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Petra Nemcova Dresses Like a Dude of the Day

This summer, I got conned into going to a waterpark with my neighbor and his kids because he was willing to pay and I was willing to check out girls in bikinis. I am not one for getting into a bathing suit or going on rides because I find them too labor intensive. You have to walk up stairs with your tube, and walking is something I don’t consider a necessity in having a good time, so I just sat by the wave pool and would try to convince hot mom’s to reenact the Tsunami with me. I’d be like, you play Petra Nemcova and I’ll play her photographer boyfriend and when a wave comes, I want you to run out of the pool and pose like you’re a model, then fake cry, start a charity and attend these glamorous events for the next 2 years and I’ll just stay behind and die. Needless to say, it wasn’t a big hit.

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  • Candi Apples

    I wonder if Petra Nemcova is still dating wife beater
    Sean Penn?