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Kelly Ripa’s Mouth is Ready to Receive of the Day

Here’s Kelly Ripa doing her best impression of her vagina after her third kid fell out of it.

Yeah, that’s all I got in me today, not sure why, but by the quality of that joke, I think it’s safe to say that I should be Regis’ replacement when he dies, because despite popular belief, he is not a robot and will die eventually and there gonna need someone to fill his little leprechaun shoes, and that someone won’t be me, even thought I was born for that shit.

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  1. sunshine says:

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  2. n2tattoos says:

    i’d totally stick the tip in.

  3. Shaun says:

    I want to deliver in her mouth

  4. Bob Smith says:

    Kelly Ripa is hot. I would do things to her that would be illegal in most bible-belt states.

  5. Dr. Cornelia J. Dogbarker, PhD says:

    I bet she looks hot with that mouth full of cock!

  6. Satan666 says:

    I bet it does too! You can watch as she sucks me off.

  7. I. Q. Immense says:

    Thats the same face she made this morning when I railed her in the stinker.

  8. -- says:

    Kelly is the hottest shit on TV.

  9. MEGADOUCHE says:

    She’s a pain in the ass.

  10. The truth says:

    She’s an annoying bitch.

  11. Evangalos says:

    What a fucking BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Evangalos says:

    But i still think i can have a little fun with those tits

  13. Bill Spence says:

    Kelly is one of two females on this planet that have it all.  The other is not a celebrity but just as hot with similar personality.

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