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Miley Cyrus’ White Trash Hick Cowboy Mouth of the Day

I watched the Academy Awards, or I like to call it the dick sucking fest for people who don’t really need their dicks sucked cuz they already have fooled society enough into getting ridiculously rich by pretty much playing and pretending they work. I don’t want to bother reliving the shit, cuz I tweeted the shit and I figure everyone else was too, and I’m sure everyone is talking about it today, because we are bored in life and need this celebrity shit to entertain us, or distract us, because it’s easier than finding a hobby, or doing something of value, even though the celebrity shit is just as bullshit as the movies they are in…but I did notice that Miley Cyrus was showing off her tits and despite knowing she’s a rich and slutty teenager who is starting to show off her recently developed tits, like the time my stepdaughter thought it was a good idea to show us all her used tampon the day she got her first period..

I just like the fact that Miley proves that you can take a girl out of the trailer park, but you can’t take the trailer park out of her mouth. It’s like she wants her white trash inbred lookin’ mouth, like she doesn’t want to forget her toothless crooked mouthed redneck heritage, even though she can afford a set of the best vaneers….

Here she is riding her bike – because she’s a fucking kid – you perverts – stop fantasizing about pulling some “No Adults Allowed” sweet talkin stunt..

Pics via Fame
Pics via Bauer

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Sara Paxton’s Mouth is Full of the Day

Her name is Sarah Paxton. She’s a good little Jewish girl from California and like a good little Jewish girl she’s wearing a pair of cutoff jean shorts and UGGs. I feel like I am on they bench outside my local synagogue masturbating this little rich girls with my eyes.

She’s starring in some bullshit Ashton Kutcher produced show that I hope none of you motherfuckers watch because that cocksucker doesn’t deserve another penny from any of us, no matter how often this Sarah Paxton bitch simulates her mouth being filled up to the brim with my seed. If you know what I mean, which you probably don’t, because if you read this site, your load doesn’t fill anything up, it just stains your white t-shirts.

Pics via Bauer

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Kelly Ripa’s Mouth is Ready to Receive of the Day

Here’s Kelly Ripa doing her best impression of her vagina after her third kid fell out of it.

Yeah, that’s all I got in me today, not sure why, but by the quality of that joke, I think it’s safe to say that I should be Regis’ replacement when he dies, because despite popular belief, he is not a robot and will die eventually and there gonna need someone to fill his little leprechaun shoes, and that someone won’t be me, even thought I was born for that shit.

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Jessica Simpson Rocks the Mic Like a Dick of the Day

If you are good at photoshop, you could easily replace the mic in these pictures of Jessica Simpson with a big black dick and then you could pretend that she was a slutty black on blonde chick and it would make jerking off to them a whole lot better, but the whole effort that goes into staring and cropping a dick so it fits into these pictures perfectly, is a little pathetic and maybe even a little too much effort to put into masturbation, and would pretty much mean you have too much fuckin’ time on your hands, and would be on the same level of weird as the time you spent a week building a fake pussy out of piping and silicone because you found the blueprints on some message board for other losers who can’t get laid and you just had to get in on the fun. I figure if you took that energy and put it towards hustling chicks, or working to make money to hire whores, you wouldn’t really come across as a hopeless loser that finds pictures of Jessica Simpson and a microphone exciting.

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