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Sara Paxton and Katherine McPhee Shark Night 3D Bikini Pics of the Day

Yes, I posted the french trailer, because it is the only thing that makes this crap a cultural experience…..What garbage….. I mean other than the fact that it was made, and more importantly that someone actually paid serious money to have it made, and I assume this is written by the same people who did that Piranha 3D shit that I had the horrible misfortune of watching because my friend is a pervert who likes seeing Riley Steele Porn Naked Tits and Naked Kelly Brook Huge tits getting eaten alive after a romantic underwater dance…

It’s some straight to DVD Caliber…but here are some promo pics and screenshots cuz I got nothing else going on today…and I like shitty movies with lots of bikini and tit to distract from how shitty it is….I am just offended this smut exists when there are starving children in the world…

No they aren’t paying me for this, but they should….

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Sara Paxton’s Mouth is Full of the Day

Her name is Sarah Paxton. She’s a good little Jewish girl from California and like a good little Jewish girl she’s wearing a pair of cutoff jean shorts and UGGs. I feel like I am on they bench outside my local synagogue masturbating this little rich girls with my eyes.

She’s starring in some bullshit Ashton Kutcher produced show that I hope none of you motherfuckers watch because that cocksucker doesn’t deserve another penny from any of us, no matter how often this Sarah Paxton bitch simulates her mouth being filled up to the brim with my seed. If you know what I mean, which you probably don’t, because if you read this site, your load doesn’t fill anything up, it just stains your white t-shirts.

Pics via Bauer

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