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Stephanie Seymour In a See Thru Bikini of the Day

These pictures look legit…you know, like they weren’t staged becuase when bitch went back to her hotel room and checked out her google alerts about her cunt self, cuz bitches with egos always google alert themeselves, she saw that her nipple was everywhere, so she spent the last two days negotiating with a photographer to do this photoshoot of her on the beach with her see thru tankini…or maybe she just got carried away when she saw cameras, felt the sand, heard the waves and in some kind of brainwashed robot, busted into her model routine, like it was 1990 and she was 20 years young, 30 lbs lighter and her body was 2 kids and many sexual relationships with married multi-millionaires tighter….if that makes sense, which knowing me it doesn’t….

I’m not complaining, I enjoy anyone trying to show off something they were good at 20 years later, like athletes and ex-prostitutes, even if it usually ends in injury, especially if I can see nipple….

Pics via Fame

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6 Responses

  1. bud says:

    That’s unfortunate.

  2. Drunken Pig says:

    I understand as women age “cottage cheese” become’s a factor…and that’s o.k…kinda..a chick can still be doable…but when a used-up Axel Rose cum-wipe is flaunting it like she’s still a hot attention whore…bitch must take the ridicule…now suck my throbbing cock and cover up you fucking cow!!

  3. nunya says:

    Fucking wow….thanks a lot jesus.

  4. Expletive:BMP says:

    i love that ass of hers, since most women have that strange sagging pounded fleshy ass, and that’s okay, because i’m a fat fucker, so if you ladies could look pass my gut, i can more than look pass your dumpy ass, and suck on your brown hole until you say uncle—so fuck these haters and get with a real man.

  5. cowbulls says:

    I’d still play ostrich with her ass.

  6. Dale says:

    you’re an ass….I hate Stephanie Seymour, but because of her conduct (homewrecker/golddigger), not because she aged…btw,everyone does,fact of life, and only a loser that wishes a woman that looks like her in her 40′s would give him the time of day, would write the shit you do

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