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Hayley Duff Walking the Dog With No Bra on of the Day

Here’s another set of pictures I’m not allowed to use, but have something to say about them and that’s that Hayley Duff in no way is fucking disgusting. She’s got this horse face that no matter how big her tits are or how decent her ass looks in a pair of pajama pants can’t be ignored…and I actually have a hatred for the girl because my friend forced me to watch the worst movie in the world that she somehow managed to be the star of that I can only assume her sister pulled some strings to get her the job as latching onto her sister’s celebrity has been a constant theme in her life and her career and is probably what finances her life….but I’d still love to see her naked, but then again I want to see every girl naked….whether they are the second rate bottom feeding sister of some rich semi-retired teen starlet or not…

Pics via PacificCoastNews

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