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Annoying Girl in Bikini Pretending to be Crazy of the Day

I am all for girls in bikinis, I just can’t stand annoying bitches trying to be funny, by being annoying as fuck. You see, if this was a real crazy person, and not some loser, who I can tell has bush, based on her behavior, this would be on another level of amazing, but instead it’s just try-hard annoyingness….that so many people have been watching…that I figured I should help the cause…

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5 Responses

  1. HorneyLohanWanker says:

    Betcha she gives an amazing hand job!

  2. GoDouche says:


  3. sucksadick says:

    worst post evah!

  4. Hixy says:

    They need to get someone from that group, who is not retarded, to fix the fucking clock. What’s with this 2am shit!

  5. gossip queen says:

    If you look at her ‘bikini package’ you can tell that she has a really bushy pussy.

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