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Taylor Momsen Does the Lady Gaga of the Day

I recognize this weak chin, wonky face, stupid hair weirdness anywhere…It’s fucking Lady Gaga doing trying to sneak onto the set of Gossip Girl dressed as a teenage girl, a little slimmer and taller than usual, but just as fucking lame, obvious and boring….I’m onto her….infiltrating our lives on all fucking levels like the monster she fucking is….someone needs to shoot her.

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  • HorneyLohanWanker

    Smoke more whore!

  • beavis

    She looks way way way better than Gaga though. Just admit that and we can continue.

  • Expletive:BMP

    ^^^^^she may look better, but can we safely suck on her butt-hole.

  • roscoe

    way way way prettier than Ladyboy GagGag

  • Dank

    doing trying? jesus, who types this shit?

  • Wants sum Miley-Momsen GOG

    The Beatles taught us, with their scripturally pure “I Saw Her Standing There,” exactly why Taylor Momsen is all that: “Well she was just seventeen. You know what I mean.”

  • sucksadick

    id hit it