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Sloppy Jersey Shore Trash Unfortunately in Her Bikini of the Day

You may be one of the many idiots who buy into this Jersey Shore bullshit and neglect the fact that the girls you are watching are not only half retarded MTV pawns used to make the network money, they are not only cheesy mainstream looking and acting girls who irritate me when I happen to go to shitty bars people lke that dance on tables with their bottles of goose, but they are fucking ugly as hell. Seriously, fake tits can’t save this beast, she’s disgusting and if you think otherwise, you’re fucking disgusting to. Kill yourself.

Ugly or not, Disgusting or not, Vile or not, I am posting this cuz I have no choice…any half famous bitch I see in a bikini ends up on this site….it’s what I do…Kill yourself….

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  • Mike

    Ugh, I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again, that tattoo kills her for me. Well, that and her cigarette habit that killed her voice.

  • HorneyLohanWanker

    The ink is nasty, but the cigarettes are icing on the cum cake.

  • GOD

    Is it just me or does that look like one hell of a good job tucking it under??

  • Expletive:BMP

    jersey beach is a sign that with true grit, and no talent, all of us can become famous and make it in first world countries, yea america and canada.

  • ‘Ol Dickless

    I predict it won’t be too long before this cum dumpster is doing porn, either DVDA or shoving baseball bats up her poop-chute like the tainted carny freak she is.

  • WhiteGirlBanger

    I’m sorry guys…. But she’s definately on my radar scope of chick to taste my chocolate cum!

  • nice

  • BK

    Yuck, just another nasty, goofy white bitch, with no talent on TV. When will it ever end.

  • Mike

    BK- You got a problem with WHITE? WTF is with the racist crap? Lemme tell you something, there ain’t no race that don’t prefer white. I know more blacks and hispanics who are with white girls then with their own race. Don’t go there.