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Miley Cyrus and Ashley Greene Wet on Set of the Day

I know Miley Cyrus is an underage fantasy to you Americans who can’t have sex with 17 year olds….but that’s not why I am posting these pictures of her on set, I don’t encourage Sex Offenders by showing them young girls they want to fuck getting wet and thrown around, with some Ashley Greene, the hot bitch in twilight all the teenage girls in the world aspire to be, and may even masturbate to, because young girls are all hormonal and weird…

I am posting these pictures because Miley Cyrus is a relevant talent, one who will go down in history as an innovator who changed the game. The Jay Z of sucking Disney execs off for personal gain, the Beatles of getting in skimpy clothes in photoshoots and outfits and behavior to turn yourself into a sexualized minor (not a sexualized miner) only to get many men arrested in their home towns trying to live out the fantasy she created with the neighbor’s daughter….

Here are some pics of the future, unfortunately not in bikinis, see, I’m allowed to say that, it’s this whole 14 is legal law we have here…..not that I ever take advantage of the law, I just know I can’t get arrested talking about it if I did…

Enjoy the young sluts being slutty, pretending to kiss each other, cuz all girls know what guys want…I guess they aren’t so useless after all…

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  1. HorneyLohanWanker says:

    I would dangle my junk between their two mouths and let them slurp and lap at my cock until I shot a mouthful in Hanna Montannas mouth.

    Gurgle, slurp.

  2. Imtheloserbehindyou says:

    Wow Miley can really open that mouth up, she could probably fit two guys in her at once.

  3. HARVEY LAVIN says:


  4. HorneyLohanWanker says:

    Mmmmm, if fucking Hannah Montanna is wrong, I don’t wanna be right.

  5. loser says:

    wow ashley makes miley look like she really is a retarted

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  7. Olga Hays says:

    Yeah bookmaking this wasn’t a bad determination great post!

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