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Milla Jovovich Ridiculous Nipples in Some Movie of the Day


It looks like Milla Jovovich, one of the most overrated pussies to ever escape communism when she was 5 and barely even communist, for the good life in the USA where her mother turned tricks for Brian De Palma, while she landed a modeling contract at 12, but what I can only assume were a group of pedophiles, who escaped being called pedophiles by using the “fashion” card….

Eventually becoming totally overrated cuz virgin losers everywhere loved her for being the physical representation of a videogame they grew up jerking off to….

Is back in full force after the birth of her kid a few years ago, and by back in full force, I mean back to showing off her really substantial nipples, nipples so thick they look like faucets big enough to feed adult babies in dirty diapers…for some movie called Stone….

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