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Milla Jovovich Ridiculous Nipples in Some Movie of the Day


It looks like Milla Jovovich, one of the most overrated pussies to ever escape communism when she was 5 and barely even communist, for the good life in the USA where her mother turned tricks for Brian De Palma, while she landed a modeling contract at 12, but what I can only assume were a group of pedophiles, who escaped being called pedophiles by using the “fashion” card….

Eventually becoming totally overrated cuz virgin losers everywhere loved her for being the physical representation of a videogame they grew up jerking off to….

Is back in full force after the birth of her kid a few years ago, and by back in full force, I mean back to showing off her really substantial nipples, nipples so thick they look like faucets big enough to feed adult babies in dirty diapers…for some movie called Stone….

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  • ‘Ol Dickless

    Sweet Jay-sus, you could poke an eye out with those things! Or at least hang a coat or two from ’em.

  • Bob Smith

    I would still fuck her silly. I would pull on those nipples. They’re more of a novelty than a turn-on. I remember I once dated a woman with huge nipples, and she didn’t like you to play with them except while you were fucking her and then she would go nuts if you sucked on them. Still gives me a boner to think about it.

  • boris fonslosky

    i am…..really pissed you are dissing her, especially with those babies to gnaw on. who cares if she is overrated??? you put up that fuck hugeass kardashian and that brain trust hogan. tell me you wouldnt pound the european first.

  • boner

    I would fuck her fucking brains out

  • Xander

    Wow, thinking others like modeling due to paedophilic reasons seems more like YOU are the one viewing it as such. Plus, fuck RE, fifth element was the shit.

  • Timmy

    so the author isn’t a geek, but still hasn’t been laid is that it?

  • pat31

    So hot :))) I’d love to suck on them…

    Im not really into thin lady, but i must admit i find her really hot

    How long do you think those are? 2 inches?

  • big daddy

    I would still put it in her butt, even with those huge nips. I bet they taste fucking fantastic too!

  • mr. larry

    know it alls think they can decide what’s right and what isn’t. IT’S A MATTER OF TASTE.