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Shakira Filming a Music VIdeo of the Day

I am sure this video will be substantially better than these pictures of her shooting the video…because Shakira, despite being old, has this thing about her where she shakes her fucking ass hard enough to get millions of hits….but I’ll post these as a preview for your Shakira fans, even though I am not one, cuz I am hungover and totally uninterested in anything…

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  1. Motorwayman says:

    There’s this drug dealer I know who said she snorts coke by the bucketful.

  2. HorneyLohanWanker says:

    She needs my cock in her mouth.

    Simple as that.

  3. freewayman says:

    Theres this plugdealer that says she plugs up bathsand puts water in tem by the bucketfull

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