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Heidi Klum Tries to Save Fat People of the Day

Heidi Klum’s amazing bikini/lingerie model tits have disappeared…I blame Seal for turning her into a baby factory who needs all the resources in her body, like some kind of cancer patient, or car accident victim to restore all the damage that’s been done to her pussy by his big black german S&M loving, shit and piss eating Dick…..and the first casualty is always the tits, or maybe she’s taking this running thing way too seriously, and shit’s just melted off cuz it’s always the first to go when bitches decide to start working out, leading me to think she’s better off eating estrogen and hormones in the food than promoting this running shit…cuz personally, I like my 40 year old ex models bustier than this…we should start an intervetion….

Either way, here she is trying to change fat people….like the Nazi she’s meant to be..typica german…all population controlling and pragmatic…. seeking the master race one where fat people don’t exist..kinda scary if you ask me…Hitler Klum…

Here’s the bonus – maybe she’s pregnant a 30th time pic for you weirdos who like freakishly fertile people…

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  • cowbulls

    Heidi needed somebody to save her back when she started dating Seal. Doesn’t she realize that she use to be hot? She could have gotten darn near any guy and she marries Seal. What the hell is/was she thinking? The guy is the textbook definition of ugly; he’s a total jerk and treats her as bad as he treats the rest of the world. She needs to just go away and take Pam Anderson, Jennifer Aniston, and a few others with her.