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Rebecca Gayheart Doesn’t Kill Her Own Babies of the Day

These spy pics of Rebecca Gayheart are hardly interesting – I mean sure trying to look down shirts in malls is always fun…but not when you don’t actually get to look down the girls shirt cuz the shit is in picture and no matter how you angle your screen, you can’t get a better vantage point…

But the backstory is funny. I mean not for the parent involved but just in how it worked out….She was on a cellphone, she cut around traffic that was stopped to let a kid cross the street, because she has places to be, I mean she is Rebecca Gayheart after all….and she ended up killing some kid…and getting off cuz of great lawyers….

Then she married the dude from Grey’s Anatomy, had a coke fueled orgy with some other whore, and leaked the video….only to get pregant themselves, have a kid and not have it taken from her in a horrible way when it was crossing the street, only to get pregnant again….bringing us up to date on this evil fucking human…just rubbing it in the poor mother who lost her kid and who no one got charged for killing her kid but instead bitch is at the mall with her kid…

Heavy shit…and all this to say the name Gayheart is pretty gay, cuz to have a gay heart leads to AIDS…lets hope it is true in this case cuz I hate this “innocent” bitch….

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