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Zombie Janice Dickinson’s Not So See Through of the Day

I thought these pictures were of Janice Dickinson in a see through shirt and I got excited, you know with Halloween around the corner, I was totally down for some half dead, zombie, surprised she still has nipples and that they haven’t fallen off yet cuz of all the surgery….

Unfortunately it looks like she’s got a bra on, so you’re forced to just look at her weathered plastic zombie face…and there’s really no fun in that…cuz undead faces aren’t nearly as good as undead tits or undead undead bikini or even her pussy lips that I’ve probably seen but blocked out of memory because they looked like rotting flesh, death, infection…melting away….but I can’t imagine that happening…I’m just too lazy to dig through the site for them…unless those undead faces have flesh wounds that look vaginal and that are deep enough to stick your dick in…

Either way, here’s the see through that isn’t a see through…

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