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Nicole Scherzinger Naked Ass for Raphael Mazzucco Culo Book of the Day

I don’t know whether this Ass shot of Nicole Scherzinger in some book by someone named Raphael Mazzucco’s book called Culo is really Nicole Scherzinger….I also don’t know when the picture was taken…you see because despite Nicole Scherzinger having a tight body and I’ll…I’m not convinced she’s actually a chick…and I always feel uncomfortable looking at her…always doubting my instinct as to whether I should want to fuck her or not…more importantly, I saw X-Factor and noticed her cunt behavior…acting like she’s this export, pro, diva, the net Whitney and Mariah or some shit…cuz she actually believes it…despite the reality that she’s from some Dollar Store, Vegas Stage Show that just managed to work, likely cuz the women were half naked, the songs catchy, but nothing of substance…just full on low level shit….but for some reason she’s not up to speed on that…I guess if she was she’d probably kill herself…instead of love herself and act like this accomplished expert….and not just a lucky cunt….and on that note…here is the pic…

Here’s more on the book…

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  • TheToolman

    This girl can sing shes hot and who are you to cut her down?  Whether she is a giant talent or not it doesn’t matter really. Shes successful probably beyond anything you will ever realize for yourself. Your just another envious hater. “Jealousy Its such an ugly word.” Quit being ugly.