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Lindsay Lohan’s Amazing Breasts All Naked in Her Playboy Shoot of the Day


So Lohan did do Playboy naked…she just didn’t show pussy, but she did look amazing as she recreated her icon Marilyn Monroe in some vintage inspired shit…Her tits, as always are the best implants ever and I regret not sucking them that night I had a chance…but instead just watched her dance in heels and pajama pants to her unreleased album….

I love Lohan…So this made my fucking day….although horrible as always…just a little bteer

I don’t fuck with posting Playboy Pics…Cuz Playboy are pretty emotional and have a lot more money and better Lawyers than me….leaving them in a position to ruin me for using their copyrighted shit…but that doesn’t mean I can’t link to their copyrighted shit…

So Here is Lohan….Amazing, Naked, Tits…in playboy

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18 Responses

  1. HorneyLohanWanker says:


    What udders she has, but I am having a hard time deciding if thats her nipple or a freckle?

  2. HorneyLohanWanker says:

    Ok, after jerking off to these pictures, I gotta admit, if you didn’t tell me they were Lohan, I would not have known.

    I think the person who deserves the most credit, is the dude who operated the industrial sized version of photoshop and who wielded the airbrush like a master.

    I am seriously expecting her to do German fetish porn within 6 months.

  3. imtheloserbehindyou says:

    I think she would of done Hustler if they offered her to do it. I would of rather seen her spread eagle and getting pissed on then these boring pictures, plus facebook and twitter put out more risky pics then playboy ever does.

  4. HorneyLohanWanker says:

    I would love to see what her cervix looks like, and well, if I could, poke it a bit with my cock.

    You don’t see the good stuff like that in playboy.

  5. Venom says:

    She looks absolutely amazing.
    I am definitely buying the magazine. First Playboy worth buying in a long time.

  6. no kitty? get the fuck out of here

  7. roscoe says:

    Tits do look great, but I would rather see the original red haired Lohan. Firecrotch!

  8. Mike Hunt says:

    What’s up with those nipples? They need to be sucked so they can bloom.

  9. Taco Jack says:

    Photoshop makes her look like Kim Basinger with a hotter rack.

  10. walt kovacs says:

    they photoshopped out all of her tats

    why even bother posing?

    i wanna see the untouched pics

    this is bs

  11. Homer says:

    photoshopping out the tats was probably their smartest idea. they are fucking ugly.

  12. ExpletiveBMP says:

    I like by meth whores green skin real, fuck photoshop.

  13. sklorno says:

    They managed to ruin the fantasy by making her not look like herself so now it just looks like some chubby chick with decent tits. I wanted to see lindsay naked not some chubby chick.

  14. Dr. Cornelia J. Dogbarker, PhD (rescinded) says:

    I believe the expression is, “You can’t polish a turd.”

  15. walt kovacs says:

    nope chuck testa

  16. cowbulls says:

    I love those giant boobs so much I give her a pass on having funny looking nipples. The area that intrigues me the most is her “fire crotch”. In spite of her being such a slut, I’m thinking her holes are still tight unless Sam used an oversize dildo on her. I love a woman with giant tits, long legs and tight holes.

  17. Mr. Cheeks says:

    She has the worst flabby ass cheeks. embarrassing, but she collected a check for it, so good for her

  18. Cherrybombusa says:

    That’s CHUBBY to you?  She looks ANOREXIC

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