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Lindsay Lohan in Some Vintage Erotica Inspired Pics of the Day

Lohan might as well be dead. So these vintage inspired erotica pics will satisfy those of you who like jerking off to vintage erotica cuz you know the bitch in the picture is no more…likely dead…or in an old folks home…making the whole thing that much naughtier…but I’m into them thanks to her tits….because Lohan has great tits…

You know what, whether she never works in Hollywood again…or the fact that she hasn’t worked in Hollywood for 5 years…or the fact that she’s 24 or 25 but her face looks like a 40 year old rich housewife all botoxed up…leading to real serious questions about what her vagina probably looks like…I haven’t given up on her…

I think she’s gonna make a comeback….unfortunately not on my dick…because I burned that bridge many years ago after spending a night in her hotel…I have that affect on women…even crazy ones with great tits.

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