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Jennifer Aniston Bought a Hollywood Star and Gives a Cunt Speech of the Day

I love how full of shit Jennifer Aniston is in this speech she is giving at the Hollywood walk of fame…saying shit like “I can’t explain how surreal this is….” talking about how honored she is….when bitch was nominated amongst 200 people, probably mainly by herself, and had to buy the fucking thing and agree to make a public appearance for the thing, in what is pretty much the weirdest Trophy if it was anywhere else, but in Hollywood, these self indulgent cunts love being praised and celebrating themselves so it totally makes sense and reminds us just how vapid this cunt and ever cunt she surrounds herself with is…..It’s like if I bought myself a trophy that said “best human ever” and paid some downtown location rent to put it on fucking display so that everytime people walk by they think – shit that guy’s the best human ever….only in my case, my trophy wouldn’t be surrounded by hundreds of other cunts just as self involved as me….

Highlight of the speech “I’ve walked the streets of Hollywood Blvd for years” unfortunately, she caught on that she was calling herself out as a whore…

Here are her hard nipples on Conan talking about some bullshit

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  • roscoe

    Why are her nipples hard all the time? Is she wearing some sort of pastie?

  • Anonymous