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Heidi Klum and Bar Refaeli Fantasy Picture 10 Years Too Late of the Day

I think I overshot my excitement on this picture of Bar Refaeli and Heidi Klum a couple of ex- Victoria’s Secret pussy in dresses, sticking tongues out, grabbing asses…..by giving them a post….because I realize they’re not naked…but more importantly they are old, washed up, and this site is supposed to be about new pussy breaking down doors crying for attention through nudity so people notice them and not old and established pussy fully clothed….

If it is not crying for attention for people to notice them…I don’t wanna know about them…but I did it….so it’s too late now…I’m gonna run with it….

Maybe the story in this is the Jew and the Nazi unite…..despite how one’s grandparents gassed the other’s grandparents….in a forgive and forget…we’re both models…and that’s our bond…..

But it’d be a better story if this ended in German scat…and who knows…maybe it did….back in the hotel room….when the cameras were off and the plastic sheets were sprawled out…

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