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Olivia Munn and Christina Hendricks Hacked / Leaked Nude Pics of the Day

I hated Olivia Munn before today, so the fact that she’s making me turn on my computer to post her shitty leaked pictures, reallly hits close to home, because my hate was directed towards protecting the awkward virgin losers out there by letting them know she’s a fucking lie manipulating them….

I hated Christina Hendricks before because she is obese and big tits come with 75% of obese chicks and there is nothing hot about obese tits…stomach or ass…unless your black or unable to get pussy in the first place….but now I hate her cuz she’s making me hungry…and really I’ll stare at any tits for hours upon hours….

I don’t know how legit these are, or why they were leaked together, I just know they are both attention seekers and I also know that they happened…whatever they are….and you’ll probably want to do your nerd analysis while I go get daytime drunk….

Thanks to CELEBRIBABES for the morning text informing me that these exist….you prick….

Christina Hendricks Fat Fetish Porn:

Olivia Munn Irritiating but Hot Bodied :

The Evidence:

Fuck yourself.

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