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Olivia Munn and Christina Hendricks Hacked / Leaked Nude Pics of the Day

I hated Olivia Munn before today, so the fact that she’s making me turn on my computer to post her shitty leaked pictures, reallly hits close to home, because my hate was directed towards protecting the awkward virgin losers out there by letting them know she’s a fucking lie manipulating them….

I hated Christina Hendricks before because she is obese and big tits come with 75% of obese chicks and there is nothing hot about obese tits…stomach or ass…unless your black or unable to get pussy in the first place….but now I hate her cuz she’s making me hungry…and really I’ll stare at any tits for hours upon hours….

I don’t know how legit these are, or why they were leaked together, I just know they are both attention seekers and I also know that they happened…whatever they are….and you’ll probably want to do your nerd analysis while I go get daytime drunk….

Thanks to CELEBRIBABES for the morning text informing me that these exist….you prick….

Christina Hendricks Fat Fetish Porn:

Olivia Munn Irritiating but Hot Bodied :

The Evidence:

Fuck yourself.

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19 Responses

  1. sinaplenty says:

    Looks like I’m first to complete my analysis.  The tests came back as “nnnnnnnngghn…where’s the fucking tissues”.

  2. Mikesommers14 says:

    OMG, if you think Christina Hendricks is obese, you can some problems. Rosie O’Donnell is obese. Christina Hendricks is not.

  3. Mikesommers14 says:

    OMG, if you think Christina Hendricks is obese, you have some problems. Rosie O’Donnell is obese. Christina Hendricks is not.

  4. Dan says:

    Finally america’s biggest cock tease show us some skin! Thanks O! and nice nips on the red head. 

  5. you’re an idiot. obese? wow

  6. Sean Cronin says:

    Hendricks  is not that perky

  7. Kaveh says:

    Funny that Olivia Munn’s career goes to crap and “leaked” nude photos come out.

  8. Oops says:

    She’s not obese. Definitely fat, however.

  9. Rev Rick White says:

    Olivia Munn claims that isn’t her.   I think they are.

  10. Bull donkey says:

    neither of these are real.  you are a sukker if you think they are.  And for the record, that bitch is fat.  Not obese fat, but the “im a lazy bitch and never go to the gym or put forth any effort to do anything so im thick” fat.

  11. Chaozmatic says:

    Yup.. Desperate publicity stunt. Poor Olivia

  12. Mr Murphy says:

    She’s chubby in that perfect way. That’s the way a woman should look. Most skinny chicks are gross and bitchy.

  13. Niggertits says:

    Why do people keep linking to your site, you have horrible taste in women, and apparently don’t know the difference between obese and fat.

  14. RealMan says:

    You guys r gay as fuck Hendricks is not fat. The girls has curves. If you hate curves then cool enjoy looking at little girls a gay bunghole busters

  15. ned says:

    u guys are wishful thinking because that is not what olivia wouldl look like naked….look at the pic..doesnt even look like her

  16. Dre says:

    guyism had me hopin for more. but i guess jus some tits big whoop.

  17. Josh says:

    The fuck? Her stomach is flat. Nice boobs are nice.

  18. frizza24 says:

    Christina Hendricks has one of the most beautiful faces . And shes not obese. Shes REAL.

  19. morris says:

    thank you, God

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