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Selena Gomez and Vanessa Hudgens and the Latch On in Bikini Top of the Day

This Spring Break bullshit movie is getting a lot of attention for no real reason other than the paparazzi are on set in efforts to market the movie…hollywood is a fucking scam…and they want to build these little starlets up…whether it’s putting them in short shorts….or making them date underage homos….or helping them leak nude pics and pretend they were underage at the time….they’re on it….see cuz I know 17 year old girls…and I’ve fucked 17 year old girls….and their brain capacity and ability to hold a job, or understand how to market themselves is not existant….there’s always a team of creepy adults behind them to make what you see happen….and today that’s bikini tops…finally….cuz when you do a movie called Spring Break….hiring two young whores and some latch on whore in training ….you need the fucking bikini tops….so after all that build up…here it is….

To See the Rest of the Pics – I am Talking 100s of the PIcs

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