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Serena Williams Bikini Pic for Twitter of the Day

Serena Williams is no Venus Williams and that is a probably a good thing, because Venus Williams is the shit that movie Ladybugs was based on, you know a simple bait and switch, grow out your hair, take these hormones, and amputate your cock, you’re gonna make daddy millions by destroying other women who have the disadvantage of being actual women, cuz equality is a bitch, when women just aren’t equals….

That said, she’s in a bikini, pouring sand on a bitch with hot tits, and the last time I saw a black dude do this to a white girl, she ended up pregnant…it’s the whole why to fat white women go to jamiaca on vacation alone….to get fucked cuz no one’s willing to fuck them back home….and the Jamaicans will fuck anything that doesn’t mind paying for it….even if it means playing with the slob on the fucking beach for all to see…who cares.

I approve of this message:


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  • Bull donkey

    did you really need to throw a kardashian pic in there?  Im sure they appreciate the twitter hits, but was it really needed?

  • I think he is predicting that KK will be the next white slob to hunt down a Jamaican to be her next “husband”.  Just wait, that will be her next reality show and it will be full of her looking like a beached whale rolling around in the sand on the beach.