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Cameron Diaz Legs for Instyle of the Day

Cameron Diaz may be old….but unlike a war veteran or accident victim…she’s still got both her legs…legs that are long and toned and nicely maintained because she hasn’t gone out and destroyed herself with baby making despite her biological clock screaming “FILL MY FUCKING UTERUS UP IT IS MY ONLY POINT IN LIFE AND THE WINDOW OF OPPORTUNITY IS FUCKING CLOSING YOU SELF INVOLVED CUNT – YOU HAVE MILLIONS – SCREW YOUR VANITY – SETTLE DOWN – LET IT GO – MAKE BABIES”……and I respect the strength it takes a woman to say “cum in my other pussy, it’s an asshole”…..instead of following instinct…cuz it allows their bodies to remain tight….and their baggage light….all this to say…this is my kind of woman…

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