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Coco’s Ridiculous Ass in a Bikini of the Day

Coco is in Vegas for Memorial Day…obviously…I mean what did you expect her to be doing….Polo in the Hamptons or yachting in the French Riviera….sure she could afford to do any high end thing, thanks to the entertainment industry over-paying, but the truth is that she’s gutter fucking trash, and all she wants to do with her husbands money is live the gutter trash life, half naked in Vegas rockin’ the VIP….like she’s really fucking made it….cuz society events involve keeping her clothes on…and I’m all for anything that involves sluts…from tacky to luxury….I’m down….so here’s Coco….being a little of both with her high end access only rich people get and her ghetto stripper trash behavior…best of both worlds……cuz she chooses this cuz she likes it and not cuz of necessity.

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