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Kendall Jenner’s Bikini Video for Flavor Magazine of the Day

I posted the pictures from this BIKINI PHOTOSHOOT a few months ago…but then some motherfucker went and put the video of it up on the internet…and since it is memorial day…..you’re probably surrounded by whores in bikinis…sure they probably aren’t tight body teens who are only whores cuz their mom put them up for sale….even though they are already rich….but whores none the less…so I’m thinking this is my own almost criminal memorial day party on the internet….with bikini clad sluts who have the day off high school to make money half naked….Support our troops.

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  • Lord almighty

    Why do you guys cover this shit?

  • Well she screwed up the first four. might as well try for the last two… although I see these girls ending up worse then their elder siblings. Go Figure…