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Maria Edible for Inked of the Day

I am not posting these pics because I find this character hot…or sexy…or remotely like anything I would be willing to have sex with….I am not posting it because I like girls and food….I actually am a firm believer in girls starving themselves…I am posting this cuz I kinda love what she’s doing…and I don’t know what…you see I live with an amateur professional eater and she’s just fat and fucking disgusting about it…if anything…I even gag when she eats a fucking carrot cuz I know where that is gonna lead….but this Maria Edible is all rock and roll about it…she is like the pin-up model who isn’t a babe by any fucking means….but who has found a totally disgusting talent that is marketable cuz she’s not Asian or obese…and because she’s not offensively fat because of it…and carries it well….it makes it all kinda ok….according to me which is real the defining voice of what is acceptable or not….

Here’s a video of her in action…

Here are pics of her in Inked November issue…..

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