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Taylor Swift Just Had Sex of the Day

Here’s a life changing video of Harry Styles from One Direction…a pop band you probably have heard and hate…doing a little walk of shame leaving Taylor Swift’s hotel room a few minutes before Taylor Swift….after spending the night with her…sliding his dick deep inside her cock loving vagina….

This girl plays the wholesome angle up for her fans, but bitch has more boyfriends than a street hooker…young harlot…doing young harlot things….

I figured I’d post it cuz calling out a girl for having sex…with or without me…especially when she’s some Jesus freak icon…who is actually boy crazy…is one of my favorite things to do…

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  • chad

    Just what gives you the idea that she had sex. Just because she has had a number of different boyfriends doesn’t mean she has sex. It is sad how tabloids do this and spread rumers about ones life.

  • AntAttack

    I agree with Chad. I bet she likes it up the shitter to preserve her cunt virginity.

  • Travis

    Cock crazy is more like it. She’s a whore in saints clothing.
    I worry for Harry.
    I hope he doesn’t get AIDS when he date rapes her…