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Danielle Sharp Topless for Nuts of the Day

Danielle Sharp is an old familiar Glamour Model set of huge fucking tits that we have already seen before…that we don’t mind seeing again…because they are fucking tits…and we love fucking tits…both figuratively and literally…

She’s been in this game a long fucking time, for obvious reasons and I like to think this is her best shoot…but then again…that’s probably because I only started noticing these low level, fame whores, who are into showing their tits…in the last few months…prior to that…I couldn’t be bothered with them…even though they are amazing…and that’s pretty fucking weird of me…especially when looking at these tits…tits that need to be celebrated through collectively ejaculating to them in a non homo way…since we aren’t all in the same room….you queer…

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  • beavis

    I love her jacked up teeth, imagine if Jewel had gone this route.

  • cowbulls

    That is a real woman’s body. I love those whopper tits. Her ass also looks pretty damn useful.