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Demi Moore is Fun of the Day

Demi Moore may be a disgusting pile of half woman with a horrible uterus that makes horrible babies…and who may be crazy but not crazy enough to do the world some good by killing off her ex husband who is clearly the devil…

But she is rocking out with the rest of everyone who is anyone…you know everyone who matters…you know the cool kids…who are all polluting the already polluted cesspool that is Miami for Art Basel week….

I don’t know about you…but it is pretty arousing…you know pushing 60, plastic surgeried into something barely human, rocking a romper like she was 18, fucking dudes who are probably 18, doing it all in a very non-graceful way…kinda makes her look like she’s lost her shit..but that is ok…cuz that happened a long time ago…making this nothin’ but a good time…with a grandma aged vagina…

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  • cowbulls

    I use to have a lot of respect for Demi for the great job she has done of preserving her body. Lately she has turned into a nut job like Pam Anderson. Demi has had way to much traffic thru her tunnels for them to be anything but loose and sloppy. It’s time to act her age and find a man that likes her for her bank account.

  • Work it cougar bitch! As long as you don’t end up making another Rumer anyway. Otherwise fuck you. *shudder*