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Miley Cyrus 2013 Puppy Erotica for my Miley & Puppy Fetish of the Day

Miley Cyrus is porn to me…because I don’t need to listen to her wonky spoiled brat face talk…but instead I get to stare at her tight little 20 year old body…which is really something I like to stare at…in a world filled with fat dumpy slobs…it is important to celebrate the young and the rich….in ways that degrade them just a little….and that inspire fantasies of K-Fedding them for a better tomorrow…she’s awesome…

She’s so awesome, that she has single handedly created a new fetish on social media, one that I’ve never really got into before she got involved in it, because it features two of my favorite things…puppies and Miley….

So, like the good creep I am, I decided to compile all her 2013 pics of her posing with puppies…for you creeps who are equally perverted as me…which we all know is pretty fucking likely…

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