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Barbara Palvin Boring for Terry Richardson of the Day

Barbara Palvin is the next big thing for Victoria’s Secret to reach the younger crowd, because she’s only 18….and not fat like Kate Upton…because Victoria’s Secret know….leave that other porker for the Men’s Magazines and SI….let’s keep our models fit as fuck….

They’re putting alot of muscle into her…and I don’t really understand how some young thing from Eastern Europe was discovered when everyone I know at 18 is popping pimples and doing Molly at house parties…but she was found…and they have already leaked a few scandals…which is leading to her getting work….and shooting with people like Terry RIchardson….who went ahead and posted these on his blog for me to steal and share with you…even though he’s supposed to be an amateur porn photographer….who pretends he’s a fashion photographer…and these aren’t porn at all..but I’ll still look at them…

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