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Barbara Palvin’s Braless of the Day

Barbara Palvin is outside the Victoria’s Secret office, because these sluts are already generating publicity hype around their bullshit infomercial the rednecks who still have cable still watch because they are people of God who don’t frequent the porn sites, but still like to see prime time pre-holiday tits to remind them that their penis still works, hot chicks still exist on TV and aren’t all LENA Dunham and maybe if they buy their fat diabetic wife some VS, they’ll be able to fuck again.

It’s garbage….but it requires casting…and getting people going in and out of the building in various states of undress…for the paparazzi they hired.

Definitely not a magical anything, she started out as a VS promo girl before they dropped her cuz she got fat, now skinny again, still famous based on their investment…so of course they’ll bring her back….tits out.

These are the Bieber fucking Hungarian titties – still big….it’s all marketing….


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Barbara Palvin Tits for Instagram of the Day

Barbara Palvin Tits Out for Instagram

I never have anything interesting to say about Barbara Palvin, but I guess in her defence, or as a general statement, I never have anything interesting to say about anything…

I just focus on the tits, because as I’ve said numerous times before, that’s all that these people are doing when it comes to promoting themselves, why should we try to look past that, or look deeper into their personalities, to find qualities or intelligence, when really they are just reducing themselves to tits.

We live in this world where every girl wants to be praised and celebrated like some kind of Victoria’s Secret model, but only a few are selected, like Barbara Palvin who at 18 was a young recruit from Hungary, who ended up hitting puberty and being built like a Hungarian wrestler, only to get fired and be forced to get fit again…because no one ants a fat lingerie model, no matter what the industry tries to tell you…it’s gross.

So this is her comeback tour…come back…cum back…tour….

Barbara Palvin Tits Out for Instagram 2

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Barbara Palvin Slutty Instagram of the Day

Barbara Palvin SLutty Instagram

Barbara Palvin is back on the scene, after falling off and getting fat.

I guess these things happen to 18 year olds from Hungary who come into a lot of Victoria’s Secret money…allowing her to eat for the first time in her life…you know buy all the treats she always wanted to eat but that her family couldn’t afford because they were Hungarian from Hungary….

She got to dive into all the luxuries of life…like heating, and running water, and she went off the fucking rails…

Pizza everyday, every meal, fuck yes…

Only to get fired by VS, because I assume she’s fired from VS, told to shape up, and shape up is what she did…

She also decided to post up half naked, slutty photoshoot pics, cuz she’s back to work, half naked is where the money is at…and half naked is what she is doing.

Finally, the big girl is far more interesting…here is the proof.

Barbara Palvin SLutty Instagram

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Barbara Palvin Bikini of the Day

Barbara Palvin Tits in a Black Bikini

Barbara Palvin, and her strong Hungarian child bearing hips…seem to have taking a break from the Goulash or whatever it is that Hungarians eat, to lean the fuck up and get back out there, with her Eastern European work ethic, to make as much money as she possibly can…

You know, the Mall Brand Victoria’s Secret, that I think found her, created her, abducted her from her homeland, and used her, before spitting her out and replacing her, unless she still works for them, or is on hiatus from working with them because she got fat…

Well she’s back…and stripping down…because it’s her birth right, or at least what has made her family money, and it’s way better than being a low level cam girl…

Barbara Palvin Tits in a Black Bikini and Thong

Barbara Palvin Tits in a Lace Bra

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Barabra Palvin Bra and Panties of the Day

Barabra Palvin Bra and Panties

Barabra Palvin had a minute or two that lasted about a year or two where she was a big deal. The youngest VS model. The ROOKIE on the scene. The girl in the paparazzi who hung out with Bieber…the whole story being one that must have been a wild and crazy time for a girl who was from HUNGARY or so they say…but who was quite possibly from the human genetic cloning facility in HUNGARY where Victoria’s Secret uses top Eastern European engineers to make hot pussy they can exploit for a discounted rate because they are robots…or AI…

AI, that apparently can gain weight, you know not programmed necessarily the best yet, which we saw with Palvin the last few years where she was huge, something that is still celebrated by fat women everywhere, making her still hireable, but that I guess wasn’t the best for booking jobs, because here she is posing half naked looking like she starved herself out, the way a model should and I think that’s worth celebrating in a world where all these bitches think it’s ok to be fat lazy slobs…when we all know it’s not…

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Barbara Palvin Tits Out in Selfie Mode of the Day

Barbara Palvin Tits Out in a White Robe

Barbara Palvin, who I assumed was fired from Victoria’s Secret because she got fat and because her mooch “friend” Stella Maxwell stole her job, her fame, and her existence, forcing this one back to Hungary where she had to find her bearing before getting back into the game through slutty pics either in Selfie form cuz they are easy to get done, or in shoots, making moves…

Unless she’s still a Victoria’s Secret model, I just don’t remember seeing her ever, like the forgotten Eastern European sex worker she was destined to be….but maybe they keep her on payroll because at 18 they used her to cover up a scandal of a married Miranda Kerr fucking Bieber…poor Orlando Bloom….this was years ago and before Palvin fattened up…

I think I’ll just post the titty pics.

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Barbara Palvin in a See Through Bathing Suit Jacket of the Day

Barbara Palvin once a patsy for the people at Victoria’s Secret to avoid a scandal involving Miranda Kerr fucking Bieber after their bullshit infomercial all you idiots buy into….

Now ousted by Victoria’s Secret for whatever reason, and really she may even still work at Victoria’s Secret, I don’t keep track of the inventory of pussy in that brothel of the sex workers they’ve hired….

I just think Stella Maxwell, who used Palvin to get into the VS scene, at the expense of Palvin, making her another patsy, thrown under the bus and sent back to Hungary or wherever she is from, where she got fat…

But is on a comeback, the big girl on a comeback, with her nipples out…making her magical enough to stare at….even if it’s for Sports illustrated bullshit..

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