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Rihanna Looking Topless for Instagram of the Day

Rihanna posted this instagram pic of what reminds me of a pornstar posting a pic right after shooting a gangbang…all greasy and cummed on…ravaged and dirty…erotic….and amazing….but Rihanna’s not a pornstar…she’s a popstar…all wholesome in her weed smoking and nipple flashing…a woman who forgives people for their sins like she was Jesus and who posts her smut alongside versus from the bible…in what could easily be mistaken for on the verge of a breakdown….

Yesterday was a big day for Rihanna…she got the approval of the media…something I assume she already had…but really responded well too..because these stars need constant affirmations cuz My friends over at complex, Gave Her 7 Covers ….and she posted them too….

I guess this is the Rihanna update we all needed to go on living and I’m proud to be that messenger who saves lives…that would otherwise be insignificant.

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