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Rachel Korine Topless in Spring Breakers of the Day

Rachel Korine is Harmony Korine’s 26 year old wife….who has been in pretty much nothing….but is now the set of shitty tits in Spring Breakers, despite being too old to be a Spring Breaker, but not to old to lure a creepy filmmaker into marriage….you know being the young pussy that allowed him to re-connect with the youth in some pop tart version of his original movies of the 90s….and I’m not a Harmony Korine hater…I think his shit is semi interesting…even if sensationalized and obvious twisted….not from the mind of a real creep or freak…but of someone who wants to be one…cuz real creeps and freaks don’t get movie companies to feed him millions of dollars to make the latest Selena Gomez titles…but fake freaks is good enough for Hollywood…where everything is fake…especially the tits…except Rachel Korine’s tits…that would be better if they were….

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