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Tiffani Thiessen Does Me in My Place of the Day

Tiffani Amber Thissen did a little shoot with the people at Me In My Place because I guess she wasn’t too busy eating pints of ice cream remembering what was….and I mean that in the nicest way…I haven’t heard this name in years…it’s like a blast from the past and after seeing her pose in her underwear…I am happy she even has a place and is not homeless as you’d expect….maybe Hollywood money is awesome…or maybe…just maybe she married rich…but I can’t be too sure…I would have to google her and that requires work…when instead I can just stare at her big old boobs…literally…

That’s not to say she’s not hot, doesn’t still have it going on, isn’t a lovely lady…it’s just to say her tits were celebrated in the late 90s, and here they are 15 years later….a natural phenomenon I generally don’t like seeing happen to women I once masturbated to….

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  • MissThing

    Hiding behind bedsheets and posing in over-sized sweaters? That’s SIF (secret internet fatty) behavior.

  • Xion

    She’s still famous she’s one if the stars of white collar which will enter its Fourth season soon

  • AntAttack

    Nice tits

  • Travis

    Try early ’90s…

  • HorneyLohanWanker

    I would nosh on her nipples.

  • ghettomedic

    You have no fucking clue.

  • Dennis

    I am such a fan of Tiffani, I’m glad these pics came out. I think she’s looking pretty good. If I need to masturbate over her (and I still do), I tend to go with the DVD from when she was a lifeguard in the green swimsuit. The DVD from season three of “Saved by the Bell” also has half a dozen or so upskirt shots if you hit pause at the right moment.

  • Jewels

    What year was this photo shoot ? Before or after her baby . I love her , so sexy ! She blew my mind when she starred in Beverly Hills 90210 , most beautiful underrated and underexposed actress ever !!!

  • chchti

    It’s not the TITS Idiot…I would have loved to sleep to those eyes every night..