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The Lane Sisters are My Favorite of the Day

Shana and Roxy Lane are the future…..when doing my research for STEPSMUT …I came across these sisters who fuck dudes together and masturbate together…and it blew my fucking mind…this is everyone’s fantasy..you know when you’re fucking one girl…and she has a sister….you want them both at the same time but never ask for it…cuz it is frowned upon..and they will call you a creep…..but these girls throw convention out the window…and bring it….in a who cares what society accepts…let’s fuck dudes together.. and make money doing it…all while sucking on each other’s nipples…in what is so next level wrong…so wrong that it’s so fucking right…I would have loved to grow up in their household….

It turns out they are from Montreal….and so am I….

I vow to find these girls…and become friends with these girls…and forever go on picnics and play board games, even though I hate board games, with these girls…

We will vacation together…and go to Sunday night family dinners together…it’s on…

I just need to get off my couch….but by this time next week I will have held at least one of their hand….and I’ll bring the proof….


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  • marcos

    The girls are brutal, awful teeth, maybe spend some of that porn money to fix them up. And I watched some of their porn online, they usually have threesomes with guys or girls, but they don’t touch eachother, pretty lame and boring and yah, they are ugly.

  • Travis

    They look nothing alike & one of them is token ethnic so I’d say none of them are actually related. This is just a gimmick & nothing to get to excited about…