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Emmy Rossum for Self Magazine of the Day

You know who I don’t like? Emmy Rossum ….This girl’s got a horrible attitude…she blocked me on TWITTER ….even though I’ve consistently endorsed her nude scenes in Shameless …a gig she only got because she was willing to get nude….and getting nude to get ahead, despite being one of my most favorite things…is annoying when a girl thinks she’s ahead cuz of her talent…that’s like seeing gold digging wives get out of their Bentley’s their husbands bought them acting entitled…like his hard work and money they fucked themselves into is rightfully theirs….cuz idiot decided to lock down with them to have a normal life….when everyone else in the world knows she’s just a fucking gold digger…

Emmy Rossum has that attitude…and I doubt she talks about it in February’s issue of Self…..because in her mind…she’s a talent on the rise….

Who cares…the pics are boring.

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