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Emmy Rossum Hard Nipples of the Day

Emmy Rossum Hard Nipples Black Shirt White Pants

Emmy Rossum is a garbage actress who isn’t hot, but has been positioned as hot because she gets naked in movies…or TV shows America ripped off from the UK…and there’s nothing wrong with that…you see if you’re going to get rich acting, you gotta be willing to get naked…..and if you’re not a get naked kind of actress you’re not serious about your career and you don’t deserve to get paid…

I guess they also suck dick to get where they are, but most of the dick suckers don’t want to admit they were dick suckers, they prefer to call it being pressured or sexually assaulted…hard to admit you’re a stupid whore that puts yourself in dumb situations to get ahead…but if other girls stand by you in protests on the street..it makes it ok…being the victim for the win…

As far as I’m concerned, Emmy Rossum was destined to be a cocktail waitress or receptionist…but she’s Jewish and that alone means cocktail waitress work would never happen….it’s too labor intensive for the payout…but Hollywood starlet is a viable option…it’s just the way the system works when you are the chosen ones…

Her nipples are hard in paparazzi pics, but you’ve seen her simulate sex, so does it really matter…I guess it does…

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Emmy Rossum Bikini Pic of the Day

Emmy Rossum Bikini Pic

Emmy Rossum is a garbage actress who isn’t hot, but has been positioned as hot because she gets naked in movies…or TV shows America ripped off from the UK…and there’s nothing wrong with that…you see if you’re going to get rich acting, you gotta be willing to get naked, and I guess suck dick, but most of the dick suckers don’t want to admit they were dick suckers, that’s why not many girls who have made it are coming out, unless forced to, as they want to pretend it was based on merit alone…

To me, Emmy Rossum was destined to be a cocktail waitress…but look at her now..in a bikini being written about on prestigious sites like this…LUCKY girl..

Fit body though.

Here she is water skiing….

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Emmy Rossum Living the American Dream of the Day

Emmy Rossum is the fucking worst…and I find her tribute to America offensive..

Sure she’s recently married because she’s probably knocked up, that’s why she got married so don’t use the bikinis, use the one piece, and if you want to see her tits cross reference her whoring for TV on Shameless, the show that created her….but it’s still like taking a huge shit on America and her fans not that I’d know, since she’s blocked me on all social media for being a troll, because that’s my American dream….a dream that doesn’t include Emmy Rossum, because she’s not that hot..I deserve better.

Nice American Flag Suit you clickbait slut…

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Emmy Rossum’s Married Cunt on TV of the Day

If it looks like a cunt, and it smells like a cunt, then it must be a cunt, unless it’s an old sandwich you found in a dumpster outside the deli, in which case…it’s LUNCH…and I guess to some, mainly Emmy Rossum’s new husband…this is lunch too…

She was a nothing actress, probably wokring as a waitress or sex worker, when shameless gave her work to be shameless, nude scenes on cable TV all day….and it took her to the next level in her career – reminding all sluts to be sluts and get half naked…it’s important…

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Emmy Rossum Sex Scene of the Day


Emmy Rossum is the fucking worst and not just because she blocked me on social media, everyone blocks me on social media…but because she’s just a garbage celebrity who isn’t even that hot – but thinks she is…

I know, she gets naked, but it’s not even exciting…and seeing her fuck on Shameless – bores me…maybe when it first happened, back when it was the best thing that ever happened to her – in a time when she was just not hitting the mark or booking jobs – and this get naked and fuck for a TV show in an era where that’s the best thing that could happen to a career – since sex on TV, something I’ve been endorsing forever, has been the only thing people watch…giving her that ego she always had – but that was a little tarnished when it wasn’t working out for her…not that you care – you just want to see her fuck scene…you perverts with no standards or taste…I hate you.

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Emmy Rossum’s Acting of the Day


I like to sum up Emmy Rossum’s acting with these pictures from the Shameless season premiere…a show that pretty much made her, and that I like to say was the lucky turning point for her, where she was so unemployed she was debating going into porn, so showing tits for a show with William Macy, seemed like a better option…but the reality is that she was probably rich, never had to work, which is why she was able to get to Hollywood and wait around until something like this came up…because acting is a rich person activity, that whole “risking everything to make it”…is just a storyline, all these idiots have parents or sugardaddys who were willing to pay their rent…

Either way, great acting job for an average at best, now famous and well paid person who has blocked me off social media possibly after telling me off…because these idiots also take themselves too seriously…it happens with being coddled spoiled pussies..who in this case aren’t showing their pussies…but tits count for something…


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Quirky Emmy Rossum’s Awkward Bikini Pic of the Day


Look at those terrified, old, tired, bag filled eyes…it’s like fresh faced doesn’t exist in the world of Emmy Rossum, who like so many other female actors lacks swagger and looks, but we deal with it, because they are the ones getting the jobs…in the shows we watch…in our mindless lives…that we pollute with mindless television…like robots…thanks to it’s addictive nature for population control….

What I’m trying to say is that Emmy Rossum is not hot, naked or not naked, in a bikini or not in a bikini, in a sex scene or not in a sex scene and if anyone tells you otherwise, they are just an idiot who can’t get laid, who has never left the house and who has never been on instagram…because the world is filled with girls who are far hotter..

Sure they aren’t on TV, don’t have sex scenes, but even with that, this Emmy Rossum bitch is so average and boring….even in a bikini top.


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Emmy Rossum’s Fitness Porn of the Day


Emmy Rossum is some girl who gets naked on TV because it was the only way she’d get work…and I don’t hate her for that…I hate her for her shitty curation and creative direction in her instagram pictures…because once we see your tits, whether in character on a show…or your simulated sex…whether in character on a show…we expect more than this…”I’ve got a tummy ache while engaging my abs at the gym, because fitness is the key to getting cast as a nude actress on TV, and my celiac disease won’t stop me from that…but it could make me shit myself and/or die…”….

At least she’s not a fake Gluten intolerant cunt, and her gluten actually leads to ass issues you probably wouldn’t want to come face to face with, despite your love for eating ass.

Either way, let her be an inspiraton for you all, and remember, she doesn’t get naked on TV because she seeks approval from having never met her father..you’d be crazy to think that.

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Emmy Rossum Does the Gym of the Day


Emmy Rossum blocked me on social media a long time ago…

I guess she doesn’t like that I call her an overrated whore who was about to fall out of the whole acting thing when luck brought her shameless on the condition she would get naked all the time, to which she said “A TV SHOW!!”….because she was at the breaking point where she was going to get naked all the time on stage at the Vegas strip club she was going to end up, or for producers promising her jobs like “TV Shows”…which is more likely the case, since she’s got Daddy issues from never meeting her dad and is connected in the New York Jewish scene, where her mother was an established photographer…it’s how it works…and here she is working or working out…for social media, because she wants her fans to know how hard she works for her body, and or because she wants to sell campaigns to fitness brands, either way, not hot enough to jerk off to,

I don’t find her hot, but whatever…I’ll post this shit anyway…for no reason….

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Emmy Rossum Has Leggings of the Day

emmy (13)

I don’t find Emmy Rossum hot…

The only thing I like about her is that she’s blocked me on all social media, from Twitter to Instagram, despite never actually leaving a comment on her shit, making me think she really doesn’t like what I have to say about her bottom feeding career as an actor, that has worked out for her and has made her a legit actor, thanks to getting naked and fucked on a popular show, like a hooker, without being considered a hooker because it is on TV..but the parts involved are all the same…it’s like I can bake a cake at home, sure I’m not technically a baker, but if I sell my cake I consider myself a baker…the getting paid to be naked is the hooker stamp…it’s just a different kind of hooking she can pretend is an “art form”..even though we all know acting isn’t art, it’s a scam…run by the outgoing assholes who are pretentious enough to be “actors”…

emmy (16)

Doesn’t matter…what matters is that I just get off to girls who hate me, it entertains me, even if they don’t actually know who I am…the block is enough to make her sex scenes that much better, her tits that much better, and tese staring at her mid-30s pussy that I am sure is well traveled better…all sweaty thighed and barely exciting, but good enough.

Here’s her workout pose..



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Emmy Rossum in a Bikini of the Day

er (1)

Emmy Rossum is constantly doing nude scenes in Shameless, I assume the show is still being produced, but I don’t actually watch it…it’s not that I don’t like and can’t relate to the story, I just find it cheesy and bullshit, and more interesting if it was a real family and a real documentary on them, rather that just a bunch of faggot overpaid actors playing make-belief like they are either insane…especially since they consider it art…or childish…because that’s what little kids do…

What I am getting at is that along with acting being a joke, so is Emmy Rossum, because she’s an actor…but she makes a lot of money, which is more than we can say about me…

But this isn’t about me, it’s about Emmy, and how her bikini pics for the fourth of July don’t matter…because I’ve seen her simulate sex like she was a softcore pornstar, only in 2010s, which means it’s cable programming….

All this to say, every one taking selfies, or acting, are pretty much whores seeking attention, I just prefer when they are actual whores that I can afford to piss on their faces…cuz you know for the right amount of money…they’d all do it…

My vow to you is that when I become a dot com billionaire for the drunkenstepfather app, I will spend 10 million dollars a year to piss on celebrity faces…

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Emmy Rossum Naked on TV of the Day

I don’t like Emmy Rossum, but I do like what she represents.

You see she blocked me on social media for making fun of her, and I encourage that kind of behavior, as a feminist who likes to empower women by making fun of cunts like this who get naked to get ahead in their careers, like a slab of fucking meat….because all they want is fame and fortune and global acceptance…I figure it’s important to call them out for the bullshit that they are….and I do like seeing girls get naked, I just like when they do it because they want me to jerk off to them, instead of for trying to advance an acting career…ya know…a whlole lot of authenticity is missing from her strategy, but that can be said about all these fame whoress.

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Emmy Rossum’s Shitty Bra See Through of the Day

Emmy Rossum is the fucking worst and I am probably just saying that because she deleted me off all social media, blocking me, and probably even calling me out at some point for being an asshole, but I don’t remember because it happens too fucking often, I think 80 percent of the people I’ve tweeted at over the years have blocked me, because I am either 25 years ahead of my time, or just an asshole that upsets their ego…

Now I don’t remember what I laugh at Emmy Rossum for, it’s not her Judaism, I don’t do any of that because jews are so quick to call you an anti semite….it was probably the fact that she was an absolute nobody for a long time, struggling, until being offered a TV show where she gets topless, to which she jumped at the opportunity because it was better than being topless in a strip club, because this would put her name on the map instead of on the death by suicide, and people will finally know her as the star her ego truly told her she was…and I guess it worked out of her…but that’s hardly a reason to block me…not that I care, I’ve still seen her tits and I’m like “whatever”…and now she’s in a see through shirt so I can see her bra…even though I can google and see her tits..keeping me at “whatever”….which I guess, In conclusion, is the basis of Emmy Rossum…just on giant…whatever…

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Emmy Rossum in Selena Gomez and Miranda Kerr’s Dress of the Day

Here’s boring Emmy Rossum, all Jewish face for the Jewish Holidays – the aspiring actress who decided to get naked for a cable show and now suddenly matters, at some event, showing tits – in a dress that looks like it is in trend because these tricks also wore something similar…

Selena Gomez….

and Miranda Kerr

Small tits be everywhere…I guess these small breasted implant babes don’t realize that this is the year of the ass…and being someone not into tits I guess it is ok….It’s like so much little cleavage…



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Emmy Rossum for Instagram of the Day

I don’t know why I don’t think Emmy Rossum has anything interesting going for her.

Maybe I am the kind of guy who sees a girl willing to get naked and immediately hates her after she gets naked because it means that she’s a hooker…but not the good kind of hooker, the fake kind of hooker who allocates high concept and pretentiousness to her hooking. Where as real hookers are some of the most honest and down to earth people, who get they are being paid to fuck, while these hollywood hookers, pretend their hooking is ART or Love…when clearly it’s all for fame and fortune…

Maybe I don’t think she looks that great when she gets naked in her cable show…naked. A move she made to get on that map that worked, becasue getting naked gets you noticed…

Maybe I just don’t like that she’s blocked me on the internet, like shitting on any chance we had at love and friendship because she’s an egotistical cunt who is too snobby to support what we do here…

But I do think she looks her best in these behind the scenes Cosmo pics. I guess she’s been working out.

She also posted this bikini pic…

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