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Barbara Palvin for Cosmo Hungary of the Day

Barbara Palvin is the heavily marketed 19 year old Victoria’s Secret model they kidnapped from Hungary with a promise of the American dream, a green card, and that they won’t kill off her family provided she delivers the half nakedness on camera….at least that’s how I like to think their world works…and evil underbelly of trading tits…

She’s posing for her local Cosmo…looking all tall and elegant and lovely….like someone who’s really made it and who we’ve been watching make it from the start….and I’m not just saying that cuz Bieber had sex with her….cuz I don’t believe Beiber has sex with girl….or cuz she’s lead Selena Gomez to badly sing what she probably considers an oldie “Cry me a River – By Justin Timberlake”….in what I like to think of as a continuation of them toying with the youth of America…pretending that their was actually something more than a marketing plan behind their teen love…

Whether it is real or not…this Palvin Character is a solid upgrade….and I am glad she’s part of it….cuz it means we get to look at more of her….

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