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Chanelle Hayes and Rosie Jones Hot for NUTS of the Day

Damn….NUTS UK is officially a softcore porn magazien…all it took was one lick from one chick to a topless to cross that invisible line of titty men’s mag to full on smut…and I love it…

If this was the 60s, this shit would be too hardcore for the newstands, no one would advertise on it, they’d go bankrupt with no place to go….but today…we’re all a bunch of perverts exposed to this greatness and a little titty sucking won’t stop Mercedes for getting on board with them….but from some reason…they won’t get on board with me…and call me a porn site…when all I do is post their ad supported smut…in what makes life almost unfair…but not that unfair cuz I get to stare at pics like this….

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  • Travis

    I would say something like, “Their parents must be proud” but I’m sure their dad’s regularly raped them while their mothers pretended not to know while humming hymns & reading the bible in the next room…